5 Easy Ways to Reinforce Preschool Learning at Home

Written by Jeff Langston on . Posted in Blog

As a loving, caring parent, you want your child to get the most out of their early education. To prime them for kindergarten and elementary school, you might be thinking about enrolling them in preschool — but what can you do to make those lessons really count? Here are three easy ways to reinforce preschool learning at home.

Create a Reliable Schedule

In order for learning to be effective, there has to be organization in the classroom. During preschool, your child’s teachers will split up the time in class to tackle a range of activities including circle time, play time, learning time and snack time.

Although routines might seem unnecessary, children respond particularly well to these loose daily schedules because the child can learn what to expect. Research has even shown that routines help kids to develop important skills like self-discipline, which helps them to succeed in school later.

To reinforce this early preschool lesson, create a routine for your child at home after school. For example, you could start by having a little snack with your child after school, reading a story and then putting them down for their daily nap.

Ask for Copies of Curriculum

You can’t help your child to master concepts if you don’t know what they are learning in school, so always ask teachers for a copy of the preschool curriculum. During the preschool years, your child is learning all kinds of crucial basics, such as numbers, letters, science and early literacy.

By following along with your child’s preschool curriculum, you can spot opportunities to reinforce lessons. For example, if you know that your child will be learning more about bugs during preschool, you might be able to point out interesting insects at the park or watch a nature program together on television.

Understanding what your child is doing in school can also help you to ask more relevant questions, which can help to strengthen your child’s recollection. For example, instead of simply asking your child what they did in school that day, you can ask them which insects they learned about, helping them to hone their memory.

Expect More from Your Child

One of the most important things your child will learn in preschool and kindergarten is independence, which is why you shouldn’t shy away from expecting more from your child at home. Although you might be willing to tie their shoes and wash their hands after they use the potty, doing it for them all the time could hamper their progress in school later.

Start encouraging your child to try new things on their own, and celebrate with them when they reach milestones. For example, you might teach your preschooler how to drop their plastic cup in the sink after a meal, or encourage them to climb into bed on their own for naps.

Reinforcing your child’s independence and encouraging them to try helps them to handle the emotional aspects of being away from home. Instead of being hesitant because you aren’t around to do everything for them, your little one might be more willing to keep their play area clean, help the teacher and try out new foods.

Encouraging independence makes it easier for your child to explore new concepts, since they will learn courage and perseverance. After trying, failing, trying again and finally mastering concepts, they will gain the confidence they need to excel in school.

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